You need to be mindful of the following simple items to achieve an optimal headband fit:

  • clean your forehead if required; make sure there is no makeup, moisturizers, oils, etc
  • remove all metal items; like jewelry, earrings, bobby-pins, hair barrettes, etc.
  • double-check that all sensor inserts are fully seated; if not, then twist them into the sensor to make sure they are fully seated
  • get all of your excess hair moved out of the way; put hair up or pull out from underneath headband if needed
  • make sure the headband is “comfortably snug”; you should not be able to move it around on your forehead, but it should be comfortable
  • move away from any major metal items in your room; such as computers, lamps, outlets, extension cords, metal furniture, etc
  • keep your controller-box in your lap at all times