This is a great question and we fully appreciate concern about the effects of wireless radio (Wi-Fi) transmitters and EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) on health and safety.  We believe in a healthy environment for the brain. This is why our wireless data connection between the B-2 and the tablet is integrated into our controller box and NOT the headband.  Many other popular brain related devices on the market have a wireless transmitter and batteries right next to the head, but this is not the case with B-2.


For educational purposes, please also understand that Bluetooth is very weak and has very little EMF, compared to the other wireless devices that are all around us. You may or may not be aware of it, but you are receiving much higher levels of radiation from everyday cell phones and wireless internet hotspots:

  • High-powered cell phone radios have to broadcast many, many miles to reach a cell tower
  • Medium-powered Wi-Fi network radios only reach hundreds of feet to cover an office or a home
  • Low-powered Bluetooth typically only reaches 30 feet or less
  • Bluetooth power emissions are the lowest of all wireless devices
  • Bluetooth runs on the same frequency as many cordless home and business phones
  • The radiation from wireless transmitters drops rapidly a few inches from the transmitter


Our Bluetooth module meets all standards and went through rigorous testing at a certified testing laboratory.  If for personal reasons you still have any concerns, you can place the tablet and the B-2 controller box up to 5 feet away (length of the included HDMI cable).  If you happen to have a short 1 ft. cable, you can contact our office to receive the longer 5 foot version.