Typically when customers notice that it has become more difficult to achieve a 'green' connection status, the following items are the most likely culprits:

1) Environment

  • If one has a cell phone receiving a call/text/email within 3ft of their head or the B-2 equipment while setting up a B-2 session, the status may shift to red while the EMF generated by the phone is being picked up.
  • If Tablet is is plugged-in/charging, keep the HDMI cable, Controller Box and Headband at least 1-3ft. away from the AC Adapter and charging cord.
  • Metal furniture, or wooden furniture with metal framework can be very problematic for the Bluetooth connection to the Controller Box, so keep the Controller Box away from/off of these types of items.
  • ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) or ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) from the building's wiring and/or devices can impact data quality, altering the apparent ease with which one can attain a 'green' status.
    i.e. Don't just think about the objects visible in the room with you, also give consideration to any wiring inside/outside the walls, and the electric clothes dryer in use on the other side of that wall.
  • Sometimes it helps to simply try to use the device in another room, or out on a porch, just to see if changing the environment has any impact on the perceived difficulty of attaining a 'green' connection status.

2) Cleanliness

  • Residual lotion/moisturizer/conditioner/styling product can accumulate on the surface of the skin or Sensor Inserts.
  • An easy remedy for this type of issue is gentle cleaning of the Sensor inserts with a mild soapy solution, then allow the inserts to fully dry overnight before next use.
  • For oily or makeup-covered skin, it may be necessary to clean the areas of the scalp and forehead prior to using the B-2.

3) Fit

  • It is possible that the Sensor Insert layout used by one user, will not work properly for another user, even if the head shape appears similar.
  • Patience is important, as continued adjustments to the headband fit, without waiting ≥2 seconds between adjustments, may actually prevent the green status from showing.

Note: It is worth mentioning that combinations of the above factors could definitely impact the connection status display more than one issue alone.

e.g. If there are fit issues and a lot of EMF, it may be impossible to get a 'green' in that specific environment, or it may cause the display to show a 'green' status where none is warranted.